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Posted on:  4/25/2013  by Hali Hicks

Nashville is the coolest town for sure! Where else can you sing for 4 hours at one place and meet people from all over the world on a daily basis. That is awesome and that is why I love my job! 

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11th 5-7p Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
12th 4:15-7:15p Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
13th 4:15-7:15p Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
16th 6-8p Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
17th 2:15-5:45pAJ's GoodTime Bar
19th 4:15-7:15 Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
20th 4:15-7:15 Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
26th 9p-12a StateLine Tavern Rome, Ga.

2nd 6-9p Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
3rd 4:15-7:15p Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
4th 4:15-7:15 Loews Vanderbilt Hotel


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