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Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted on:  11/19/2012  by Hali Hicks

Hey Yall! I am sorry I haven't posted a blog in a while. I have been staying busy singing ( I keep my upcoming shows posted on my NOW APPEARING FEED ) and working on some new songs to share with yall. If you like what I have put out so far I feel confident with the co-writers I am working with now that you will LOVE what is coming next. Keep checking my fan page for more updates.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I love to eat so any holiday that involves food, food, and more food I am all about it. :) But on a serious note I am looking forward to the holidays and so thankful that I get to spend them with my loving family. I feel that Thanksgiving should be a holiday we celebrate everyday throughout the year. I believe it is always important to be thankful for everything God has given us and I am glad there is a holiday set aside for just that. I hope you have a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving and remember you don't have to wait until Thursday to give thanks ;) Love to you and yours!

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