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Weekend in Southern California
Posted on:  1/25/2012  by Hali Hicks

I spent this past weekend in L.A. it was the best time I've had in L.A. yet. While there I sang and ate for a TV show a friend of mine Kenny Rudolph is starting called, Giggin' and Grubbin'. I think its an awesome idea and I am glad to be a part of it. The show is based around musicians/singers and restaurants. The singers/musicians come in and sing/play then the host of the show Doug Frasure asked the artist what their favorite place to eat is then they either go to the place the artist likes or they have the food brought in. This time they just had a bunch of food brought in including the awesome BACON MANIA truck. Everything had bacon in it and that's where I spent most of my night, hanging out by the bacon truck. They shoot the episodes at places such as the Hotel Indigo in Nashville but this time they shot the episodes at a friend of Kenny's, James Chen. James and his family have a beautiful home that has a castle in the back yard for his little boy to play in. But the castle is so big that we were able to bring a camera crew in there and shoot the singers and musicians in the main room of the castle. It was quite an experience and what great people the Chen family is for opening there home to all of us. Thanks Giggin' and Grubbin' for inviting me out.

While in LA I met up with Rick Stone of Jeff McCklusky and Associates and Randy Spendlove the music President at Paramount Pictures. We had an amazing dinner at Spago's prepared by Wolfgang Puck himself. Randy was so nice to take time out of his busy schedule to meet us for lunch.

The last day I was there I made my way over to Anaheim to go to NAMM. My friend Kimber Cleveland took me around and introduced me to some of her friends at Mcpherson Guitars and Lamifier Microphones. They were both kind enough to let me sit at their booth and play some music.

I had a wonderful time in Southern California this past weekend. I can't wait to go back!!

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