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Week of 11/14
Posted on:  11/22/2011  by Hali Hicks

This past week I was on a radio run out west. I got to see places I'd never seen before. That's one of the best parts about this radio tour. I get to experience things I've never experienced and I get to go places I've never been. This past week I got to visit some very cool stations. I can't pick a favorite because they were all so nice to me and took time out of their busy schedules to see me. Thank you to all the stations that I got to meet this past week.

While out in Oklahoma City I ran into an old friend that works at KJKE. His name is Owen Pickard, we used to sing downtown Nashville together a couple years ago.  While in L.A. I sang for some folks at Paramount Studios. What a cool experience. We left from L.A. and went to where it was nice and FREEZING!!!! North West. Portland, OR and Washington State. We had lunch at the top of the Space Needle. That was a lot fun and what a view. Beautiful!  Our last stop was in Spokane, WA. KXLY they have a news room there. That was cool. I played for some listeners and the staff at KXLY. They had a sound system set up for Trey and I. They had the biggest picture of me I've ever seen. I signed it and they are going to hang it on their wall of fame. By the way thanks for adding me this week KXLY Yall are awesome!!!!!!

I had a great time out west. Thanks to everyone that made that trip amazing!!!

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