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what a month
Posted on:  10/12/2011  by Hali Hicks

What a month it has been. I've been here, there and everywhere. Spent some time in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Maryland, and Georgia. In New Jersey I got to do the morning show with my friend, Party Marty at WKMK. I also performed for WKMK at The Shark Fin Inn. I always love seeing Party Marty. Phat Head in Long Island, NY with WJVC does this cool thing called Candy Covers where he plays an artist doing a cover song. He played my version of Just Like Jesse James. He's a very cool guy. While in New York we got to go see the Statue of Liberty. That was breath taking seeing it for the first time. I think everyone should experience that at least once in their life. We went to the top of the Empire State Building. Little Italy was fantastic! We ate at this place called Mambo's. It was awesome! 

Got back to Nashville from New York spent the night and left for Florida. We started in Jacksonville and made our way down to West Palm Beach. Doc, the radio rep got Trey and I hooked on Smoothie King. Chocolate Gladiator, peanut butter, banana, two scoops of coco and whatever enhancers you want. Its so good! When we got to Boca Raton we stopped and met Doc's friend Ken with WKIS at The Funky Biscuit. There was a band playing and they let me get up and sing a few with them. I had a great time that night. 

I got home to Nashville from Florida and slept for only about 2 hours that night.  My roommate just got a puppy and it whined all night. Trey picked me up early the next morning in our rented mini van. He took the seats out of the back and made me a pallet so I could sleep. Sweet Trey always thinking about me.  We headed to Frederick Maryland. They had a motorcycle ride to benefit Toy's for Tots. It was so cold!  I wasn't dressed to ride on the back of a motorcycle in that kind of weather so I followed behind the riders with a U.S. Marine named Andrew Langlois. We were talking and listening to the radio when my single, Last Night of Spring began playing through the speakers.  I was so happy!  That was the first time I had ever heard myself on the radio. Thank you WFRE for playing my single as much as yall do!

When I got home from Maryland I spent one night in Nashville and left for Georgia the next morning.  I spent all week raking leaves and helping my family.  We had to get everything ready for Gemini Productions to come to our Junk Yard and shoot the first part of my video for Last Night of Spring.  I am so happy my family got to be a part of this. They all did such a great job.  I can't wait until yall see it. The day after the shoot I sang with my family at the church my nanny attends, Felton Baptist Church.  Its an old small white country church.  My favorite kind.  They had been advertising all over town for weeks that I would be their special singer.  They are such great people.  Just down home folks.  I was so happy to get to sing as part of "The Hicks Family" again.  I miss that. 

Now I am back in Nashville for a few days.  I can not wait to rest my mind and body.   Unfortunately, that will have to wait until next week. I am getting ready for the second half of shooting my video this weekend.  I hope that Sunday is TRULY my day of rest.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you are having a blessed week. 

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