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Paw Walker (1913-2011)
Posted on:  9/7/2011  by Hali Hicks

Wednesday August 31, 2011 my loving Great Grand-Daddy (Paw Paw Walker) left this world to finally go home. He lived 98 years. He left this world as a Great Great Grand-Daddy. How many people can say that? He has been ready to go for some time now. One thing he would always say every time someone would pass away was "I guess everybody can die but me". He would get sick and pull right through every time, but he was hardly ever sick. He worked his whole life as a farmer until he physically couldn't. He read the bible often. In fact, before he completely lost his sight he was reading his bible one night, went to sleep, the next morning woke up and couldn't see a thing. The last thing my paw read was the bible. How cool is that? There is no one on this earth or that was ever on this earth that could have a bad thing to say about my paw paw. He worked, supported his family, raised his children, and he loved the Lord with all his heart. This was a weird death to me. Though, paw was the oldest person I know he still wasn't one that I ever expected to lose. I had been around him my whole life. He never got deathly sick. My nanny is his only daughter and she's 72 my daddy is 50 and he still had a grand daddy up until last week. He has been with us for so long I guess we just thought that he would always be here.
I am sad that my paw paw is gone. I will miss him just like everyone else that knew him will, but it sure brings peace to our hearts knowing that he is better off than us now.  I have so many good things to say about my paw. The way he lived, the person he was, the heart he had. He would be a person you would want to mold yourself after.  I hope that when I leave this world that I will leave behind half the legacy that paw paw did. What a blessing he was in my life.
I wanted to share this with all of you to remind you how important it is to be good people and to love one another. People like my paw paw and I'm sure like your parents,grand parents,great grand parents are a dying breed in this day and age, but they don't have to be. We can change that.

The picture attached has the wrong date on it. This picture was taken at Paw's 98th birthday party March 19, 2011. Download

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