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Young Summer
Posted on:  7/17/2011  by Hali Hicks

I'm really excited about summer! I can put my box fan in the window and let the fresh smell of the beautiful outdoors blow into my room. I've always enjoyed spring and summer. My favorite memories as a child mostly took place this time of year. I remember running barefoot through my nanny's "carpet corn field" as I call it. She always had and still has a garden every year. She grows nearly everything. I loved the corn stalks the best though, because we could play hide and seek or pretend we were in a forest or something like that. Nanny always has carpet in her garden to keep the weeds down. It sounds hillbilly but hey, it works. 

My little brother, my little sister, my cousins, and I spent a lot of our summer's riding bicycles with our popa. He was old but he kept up with us pretty good. Plus, it was better when he came along because we were allowed to go further down the road. We rode go-karts,dirt bikes, four wheelers and motorcycles around the yard.

I got my first motorcycle when I was 4 - it was a Honda 50. Daddy taught me how to ride it. It seems like a young age to start driving those kind of things, but I'm glad I did because I learned how to drive early in life. By the time I was 15 daddy was sleeping in the passenger side while I was driving the interstate to Nashville and all my friends weren't even allowed to drive out of our town. When you are 15 you can only drive with someone 21 and up in the vehicle with you. Well, I went driving one day by myself while my parents were gone. I had the windows down the radio up just having a good ole time, but then my fun was crushed when I passed my mama on the road. I high tailed it home thinking she didn't see me, but she was right behind me pulling in the drive way. She had her hand out ready to take my keys away. Kids. :)

Another summertime memory I have is when I was about 16 or 17 a few of my friends and I went to this swimming hole quite often. This one particular time I decided to jump out of this really tall tree into the water. Most all the boys would climb up the tree but wouldn't jump out so I decided it wasn't that scary and climbed up the tree and jumped out. Boy, I tell ya I'll NEVER do that again. I hit that water so hard I couldn't even move to get out of the water and I had bruises all over my legs and thighs for at least a week. Wow, the decisions you make when your young. Although, not all my decisions when I was young were bad...I chose my career at a young age and I am so glad to be pursuing it to this day. 

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