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Singing LIVE Again!
Posted on:  5/14/2011  by Hali Hicks

It's been a while since I've even had this many gigs on my calendar. I was recording my album so that took up a lot of my time. Now that the album is done I have more time for gigs. While recording is definitely something I enjoy, there's nothing like performing live.

I'm back booking gigs and it is going great. The band playing very well and the audience really seems to be enjoying us. That's the key to my having a good time while performing - a great audience. As long as the audience is appreciating what I am doing and has fun it really makes for a better show...and of course it helps when the band sounds good :)

I enjoy singing with just me and my guitar but when you add a band and the drums start beating, the guitar is just right and the bass starts kicking my heart, that's something awesome. And let's not forget that steel guitar. There's something special about that instrument. I'm from a very musically inclined family so just about any instrument is special to me.

The piano used to be the only instrument I would sing with. Weird, I know. When I was a baby and started singing at church at 18 months old, my daddy was playing the piano. When I would travel with my family's gospel group and sing, my daddy was on the piano. When I was in talent contest, my daddy was on the piano. So anytime he brought out a guitar and asked me to sing I would say "no daddy, I can only sing with a piano." As time went on I gradually started singing along with stringed instruments (other than piano) then I learned how to play the guitar at 13 now I hardly ever sing with a piano , but it is still one of my favorite instruments.

I'm really looking forward to getting a lot more gigs on the calendar. I hope that y'all will come out and sing along with me.

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 Cristi Smith Wednesday, June 1, 2011 7:10 PM  
Hali!!!! this is Cristi from probably will remember me from when Elizabeth Duhon and i came up there for my first visit to Nashville and i fell in live with you ,your heart, your beautiful voice and the most precious gift of all your sweet sweet spirit. I will never forget that visit and hearing you sing with just your guitar in the living room. I am so very proud for your success....i am feeling like your biggest fan right now and i just listened to your song New Angel and i just cried my eyes out...i lost my mom 20 yrs ago and that song touched a very special place in my heart.Thank you for sharing it...i miss you and hope to see you soon...if you come down here you let me know.... love u, Cristi

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