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Posted on:  4/12/2011  by Hali Hicks

People often ask me where I get the inspiration from for my songs? Today's post will answer that.

I can't pinpoint one thing that inspires me. Most of my song ideas come to me as I am driving or cleaning house, as those are the two things I do that free my mind to wander. A wandering mind sometimes leads to a song idea. If something comes to my mind that wouldn't sound good in a song, I think of ways to say it differently that will sound good.

Most of my melodies come as the words come. Usually I will just start singing words and the melody comes out with it. When that I happens, I pull out my phone and record what I have so I don't forget it. I continue writing the song, and if this happens when I am driving, I can't wait to get somewhere so I can sit down with my guitar and play what I have so far. Sometimes I will end up writing a whole song before I even bring the guitar into the picture.

When I think a song is finished I play it for close friends of mine that will give me their opinions on it. Sometimes they love it and other times it's not their cup of tea. I take their opinions into consideration - maybe they tell me a line needs to be clearer or a certain phrase seems too jumbled or something like that.  I think over their comments and sing it over and if I feel like its ok, then I will keep it but if I feel they are right then I will change it.

Anytime my thoughts,words, and efforts are put into a song it doesn't matter to me if some people hate it. Certainly I would like everyone to love every song I write but whether liked by others or not, every song I write means something to me.
Songwriting is a way for me to express my feelings,thoughts or to tell a story with the help of rhythm, rhyme and melody. I enjoy it and I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the ability and inspiration to do so.

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